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Late February carp and barbel for Paul Cooper

26lb mirror

26lb mirror

Just before dark on 28th February I dropped down to my local syndicate lake to check on the water. I was standing talking to one of the other members, Phil Russel when we I noticed a vortex just under the surface of the water in the near corner of the lake. The water could only have been 18 inch deep over thick silt but there was no sighting of a fish. We stood watching the water when out came a mid twenty mirror, shortly followed by a simular sized common. Darkness was creeping in and we both left the lake.

I returned the following morning shortly after 9am and put a couple of rods with the new HG47 out in the bay where we had seen the fish. I only had to wait for a couple of hours and I was into a mirror which graced the bank at 26lb. A few quick pics and I packed up. I had arranged for an afternoons barbel fishing with Jeff Dace.

A quick change of rods and tackle and I was ready to go.

I picked Jeff up around 2pm and we set off for the River Dove at Tutbury. By 4 pm we were settled into our swims. Now Simon had asked me to try out a new  barrel shaped boilie that he was putting into production, which is Halibut pellet based. I had a range of these boilies with me but decided to to try the 16mil. Within an hour I landed my 1st barbel of the season, a strong fighting 11lb specimen. I missed a couple of other chances but that was the only barbel of the day.

Looks like another winning bait.

Paul Cooper’s 2012 Fishing diary

Paul Cooper

How Much Bait Will I Need For My French Carp Session?

Are you preparing for a carp fishing trip to France in 2012?

Via a series of Blog posts & a video diary Paul Cooper will take you through his preparation routine.

Blue Lake(Part 2)


It is now the beginning of February and I’m already thinking about what bait I will be using for the Blue Lake trip and what quantities I will require.  This to me is the most important aspect to a successful fishing trip………….

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Carp fishing in France with 35 lakes

Angling lines tel: 01773 590077

Preparing for a 2012 Carp Session on Blue Lake (Pt 1)

Via a series of Blog posts & a video diary Paul Cooper will take you through his preparation routine.

I have been travelling over to France with Angling Lines for over 10 years now and every trip is different. This year I will be fishing a number of Angling Lines waters, one being Blue Lake in April this year. My fishing companion for this visit will be Jim Kelly and there are a number of pre-holiday procedures that I shall be going through before travelling…………………….

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There are over 35 lakes on the Angling Lines web site so have a look around at Carp Fishing in France

Angling Lines – 01773 590077

Success on new HG47 By Paul Cooper

Simon has asked me to try out a new boilie that he has put together, this being based on the HG42 base mix. This new boilie has a savoury fragrance to it and is to be called HG47. The bait that I was trying was the shelf life version.

It is early days but the first signs look good. I have tried the HG47 on the carp in my garden pond and they have gauged themselves on it despite the cold weather. The HG47 boilie has a dark red colouring and is well textured giving the appearance of a frozen boilie rather than shelf life.

I went down to my local lake where the last fish caught was in late November last year. Despite a number of anglers trying their luck the carp remained inconspicuous with not a single fish caught.

With a slight rise in temperature I decided to try a 24 hour session fishing 2 rods on the new HG47 and one on the HG42.

It was not until 1.30am that I had a single bleep on my indicators then a screaming run eventually landing the first fish for the lake in 2012, a 23lb 12oz leather.

The fish was caught on a 16mil HG47 bottom bait on the blowback rig.

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Bait Testing

The anglers that are interested in bait testing please email me (not FB message ) and tell use why we could both benefit from you joining our bait testing team. We are looking for UK and Europe based anglers. The numbers are very limited . The email to use is graham@qualitybaits .co.uk.
If you are a past customer please state.
It will take a few weeks as John Lilley is away fishing at the moment and he will have an input also, we expect to get it sorted in Febuary in between shows etc. . The last day of January is the cut off date.

Quality Baits HG42 catches more big carp by Paul Cooper

34lb 10oz

34lb 10oz

I,ve just got back from 24 hour session on a 17 acre Staffordshire lake and fished all my 3 rods on HG42 bottom baits. I baited an area around 90yards out with my throwing stick with about 2kilo of Quality Baits. 18mil HG42 boilies. Around 8 oclock last night I had one bleep on one of the rods. Watching the rod tip I could see that the rod was knocking very slightly. I struck and soon landed my 1st fish of the session a pristine conditioned 34lb 10oz Common carp.

29lb 4oz

29lb 4oz

It was 7am this morning that I had my next bit of action and yet again I landed another Common at 29lb 4oz, both on the new bait HG42.

Paul Cooper

Success comes from Confidence in your Bait by Paul Cooper

No matter how good an angler you are or how poor, if you have no confidence or have lost that confidence in your bait you are bound to fail.

On a recent carp fishing trip to a new Angling Lines venue called Domaine De Boux, Jim Kelly and I were both armed with our confidence booster, Quality Baits HG42. With each of us having 20 kilo’s each and no other bait it would be a complete success or a complete failure.

18mils ready made frozen boilies were our choice and on the 22nd October we arrived at the lake.

Our first job was to select 2 good swims on the 10 acre lake, in close proximity so that we could erect our kitchen( a wide oval umbrella with sides). We decided to make our home for the week on the dam. This would give us a wide variety of water to go at from margin fishing to some of the deeper water of the lake.

I have fished this lake on 2 previous occasions so my knowledge of the water was a lot greater than that of Jim. I selected the right hand side of the dam which gave me access to the North eastern bank, a no fishing area which was reed lined and had shallow margins.

I used my marker float to lead the bottom and to test the depths in front of me and settled on an area 100 yards out in 11 foot of open water to begin my campaign.

1st carp of the session 31lb 1oz

1st carp of the session 31lb 1oz

I introduced around 2 kilo’s of 18 mil HG42 boilies some whole some crushed by using the rowing boat provided on the lake. 3 rods were cast on or near the baited area and it was not long before I landed my first carp a 30lb 1oz specimen. More bait on my baited area as the light faded for the evening. I would be using my throwing stick to top up the swim following the capture of a fish.

By 10pm on Monday night I had caught 7 carp off my baited area, all on HG42 bottom baits which included a 33lb 1oz mirror with the rest being in the low twenties. I did seem to be into some of the smaller fish on the lake.

At half past midnight I had another run off my baited area and seemed to have hooked the bottom of the lake. After about 20 minutes I landed my first fifty of the session a 50lb 4oz specimen.

50lb 4oz

50lb 4oz

This seemed to kill the swim, as this was the last fish off this baited area for the week. The fish appeared to be wising up to baited areas, a change of tactics was required.

With my throwing stick I spread 3 kilo of 18mil hg42 boilies over a large are in the bay to my right and cast single hook baits in the middle of them. The action started around 1am on the Wednesday and carried on until 11pm on the Thursday. I landed 14 carp in total which included 3 upper twenties, 7 thirties and 2 mirrors of 49lb 14 and 49lb 3oz.

49lb 14oz

49lb 14oz

49lb 3oz

49lb 3oz

By this time I had moved 2 rods out of the Bay, cast 100 yds into open water, with pva bag crushed boiles and a single HG42 bottom bait. This produced my final 3 fish of the week, a low twenty and 2 fish on at the same time a 51lb 11oz mirror and a 30lb common.

51lb 11oz

51lb 11oz

I finished the week with 27 carp, all caught on HG42 bottom baits, that’s what confidence does for you.

Paul Cooper

To read Jims article which has been published on Angling Lines web site visit( Angling Lines article)

More carp and barbel on HG42

Ive been out again this week. My first trip was on the River Dove on a Burton Mutual stretch. I had 2 barbel both caught on a Quality Baits18mil HG42 during the early evening.

My next trip out was to one of my local syndicate lakes for the day and during a heavy storm I scraped out a 24lb 2oz common carp, once again on the HG42. This was on a single 18mil bottom bait with a pva meshed bag full of crushed boile.

Today, this being Friday I ventured out to my syndicate lake for the afternoon and once again the hg42 and PVA bag picked me up a 19lb 8oz common.

Paul Cooper