Fishing Bait Glossary

This page is intended to give some insight into the terms used in fishing bait.

A flavour additive that is used with or part of the bait, or mixed into the groundbait.  Typical flavours can be sweet or spicy.

The Bloodworm is the larva of the midge fly. Used as a hook bait.

Boilies are small round balls of man made bait.  These can be made with different ingredients and flavour additives.   #

Bread crumb:
Bread crumb is simply ground up bread. This is the best and cheapest base for any groundbait. You can use either white or brown bread crumb. Fresh ground bread is by far the best version.  It is very fluffy and clouds the water very well.  You can use bags of crumb but the best results are if this is moistened the night before.  If it is moistened on the bank, allow some time for it to absorb any water so it sinks correctly.

Casters are the chrysalis form of a maggot.  They are approximately 1 cm long and .5 cm wide.  They are shaped like a rounded capsule. A casters colour varies between light and dark brown

This is food that is thrown into your swim to attract and keep fish around your hook bait.   It acts as an attractant, and helps entice the fish into feeding.  The type of groundbait used depends on different fish and different conditions . Groundbait is also known also as Berley. Bread crumb is the most common base for groundbait.

Hemp seed:
Hemp seed is the seed from Hemp.This seed is sterilised so it won’t grow if planted. The seed is boiled up until the hard seed casing splits open and you can see the white cornel inside. The hemp seed is then pushed onto the bend of a small fine wire hook, at the place where it split open.  It is usually fished on the hook for small fish. Hemp seed is also used as a groundbait additive or loose feed.

Loose feed:
Loose feed is groundbaiting your swim with a particle bait.  Sweetcorn, maize, trout pellets, maggots, casters etc…

Maize meal:
Maize meal is made from ground up maize and is used either with groundbait or placed with maggots to keep them from sweating up.

Nuts are an alternate bait.  Nuts should preferably be pre-boiled so that fish are able to chew them and digest them.

This is a very simple but effective type of bait.  It is usually made with a bread base and any flavour can be added.

These are a bait made up usually as animal feed. The most common type used for fishing are trout pellets.

Pre baiting:
Pre baiting is when you throw in groundbait into a place you intend to fish the next day. It attracts the fish into that area to feed. Pre baiting can also be done over longer periods.  The most common pre baiting is by groundbaiting every night for a week.  The fish get trained into believing that a steady supply of food can be found there

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