The Blow back rig by Paul Cooper

51lb-11oz carp caught on the Blow-Back rig

I started to use the blow-back rig last summer and have had huge success either with or without the hair. These short videos were made last October while I was on a short fishing trip to my local syndicate lake.

I starting using the rig in conjunction with Quality Baits HG42 I have caught in access of 70+ carp to over 51lb. If fished correctly and in the right circumstances the rig rarely missis the oportunity to make a bite develope into a run, with very few fish lost through drop off’s.

Watch these short video’s where I have explained in detail how to construct both rigs.

Blow-Back rig(with Hair)

Blow-Back rig (without hair)

For more carp fishing tips from Paul go to Paul Cooper field tester tips or click here.

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