Squid and Orange, still doing the business.

37lb (1)

It’s just coming to the beginning of October and I am already looking forward to the Autumn, the best time of year in my book. I have a French trip booked for the end of this month so hopefully I can put a few last minute fish on the bank.

37lb 8oz Common from a 42 acre lake in the Champagne region

37lb 8oz Common from a 42 acre lake in the Champagne region

This year I concentrated all my efforts on an old favourite, Patshull Park Squid and Orange. I have caught on pop ups but most carp have been come to single bottom baits, both in France and at home.

39lb (2)

May saw a trip to a 72 acre lake in the North East of France. This my third trip to this lake which is run by a French syndicate and is by invite only. There are some lovely mirror and Common carp in this lake, along with some massive Grassies and a few Sturgeon. On arrival at the lake the weather turned very warm which prompted the carp to go into a full spawn, This gave me the opportunity to  observe some of the massive residents at close quarters as they found a small secluded bay to get on with the business of spawning. It lasted for 3 days, so most of the fishing action was at the latter part of the week resulting in a dozen or more big carp.


My next trip was in June to a 42 acre lake in the Champagne region of France. Once again Lady luck was not on my side as the temperatures ranged from 38C to 34C all week. The very first fish that graced my net on the 1st evening was a 37lb 8oz Common which started to drop spawn on the mat as it posed for a picture. It was returned quickly and safely to the lake,

35 34lb 4oz 23rd April 2017 (2)


Paul Cooper


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