Ramblings of a Carp Angler. Leadcore leaders

Paul Cooper expresses his thoughts around yet another controversial issue. Leadcore, impregnated leaders and tubing.

This article first appeared on the Angling Lines Blog & is reproduced with kind permission.

Pristine conditioned Common where the line was protected by tubing

Pristine conditioned Common where the line was protected by tubing

How do we define leadcore. 

For years now leadcore has been readily available, complete as a fully spliced leader, or on spools where you have to splice your own. Leadcore is normally made up of a length of braided type material with a fine lead wire running down its centre.

Spliced lead core

Spliced lead core

Leadcore and how to create your own leader. 

Firstly strip out around 3 inches of lead wire from one end of the braid. Take a braiding needle. Piece the leadcore material at the 3 inch point where you have just stripped out the wire and push it down the centre towards the end. At around one and a quarter inches, expose the needle through the side of the material. Place the end of the material into the loop on the needle and pull it back through until you leave a small loop. Hold the loop and continue pulling it back through itself until the end is exposed. Trim off. Now take some superglue and put on a couple of dabs to secure the knot.

Measure out the length of leadcore that you need and splice the other end.

Easy, and even easier is to buy one ready made up.

Leadcore is a brilliant way of presenting the last half to a metre of end tackle, tight to the bottom of the lake, out of the way of wary carp and will not rise and fall when the carp wafts its fins when testing your baits. But is it safe? Click here to read on- – - – - -

Paul Cooper

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