Ramblings of a Carp Angler. Baitboats!

In this blog I would like to talk about yet another controversial issue. Baitboats! You either love them are hate them.

pic2I am sure that this short piece could offend some anglers, but I will put my thoughts on paper and leave it up to the reader to decide.  There will be three kinds of anglers that this topic will effect; the baitboat user, the  modern traditionalist angler and those that simply sit on the fence.

 Technology has come on leaps and bounds during my journey into carp fishing. In my early days there were not many lakes that contained carp of any size, in fact, for years I was fishing for 10lb plus carp. There were no lakes that I had access which contained anything like a twenty pound specimen.

From 1952 the British Carp Record was held by Dick Walker, with his famous capture of Clarrisapic1, weighing at 44lb from Redmire. Clarrisa, was placed in London Zoo where it spent remainder of its life. This carp record remained until June of 1980 when Chris Yates hit the headlines with a 51lb 8oz carp from the same famous lake. Take a look at the lakes throughout the British Isles now, there are numerous lakes with 40lb specimens. Carp weights, along with technology to catch them have improved tremendously.

So where has this technology taken us? Electronic bite alarms, wireless receivers and transmitters, indicators that light up on a run, depth and fish finders, lots of gadgets, which of course includes baitboats. All these aids are there to make our stay on the bank more relaxing and comfortable to say the least. There would be no long night sessions if you were listening for a coin to drop on a tin plate, or listening for a bell to rattle on your rod tip. We have all moved on with technology, so what is wrong with the baitboat.

Baitboats have been around for years now and even they are developing; with fish finders, GPS, and under water cameras. But do they work. Of cause they do, what a perfect way to present a bait. Or is it? – - – - – - – - to read more of this blog click here

This article first appeared on the Angling Lines Blog & is reproduced with kind permission.

Paul Cooper

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