Ramblings of a Carp Angler. What Line should I use?

What line should I use? Fluorocarbon, Fluorescent, Monofilament or Camouflage. 

This article first appeared on the Angling Lines Blog & is reproduced with kind permission.

Paul Cooper runs through yet again more controversial issues around different types of fishing line.

Mid forty caught on red fluorescent main line

Mid forty caught on red fluorescent main line

Are we kidding ourselves over this fad of slack line fishing, disguising our line or hoping to make it invisible to the carp? I have fallen into this trap! They all work but how many carp are we spooking out of our swims due to the almost invisibility of the line.

For years we have tried our best to keep our main line, tight to the contours of the bottom of the lake bed by back leading or fishing slack lines, trying to avoid spooking the wary carp. When you think about it logically, carp generally feed on the lake bottom in silt, gravel, or lake matter.

pic5The clear gravelled areas are only created following a mass feed by carp, after they have sifted through the debris, removing any food sources that they have found.

Lake matter consists of all sorts of objects, thick, long, thin, round, oblong, in fact any shape or size. What about our fishing lines. I am sure that as long as the fish are aware that our line is there, they will try to avoid it, as they see it as yet another obstacle. When they come across line and they catch fins, tail, or body on it because they cannot see it, this can spook them and cause them to bolt, taking other feeding carp with them———————————Click to continue

Carp fishing in France with over 35 lakes

Paul Cooper

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