Ramblings of a Carp Angler. Barbless or barbed, that is the question?

Barbless or barbed that is the question.

By Paul Cooper

This article first appeared on the Angling Lines Blog & is reproduced with kind permission 

39lb 14oz

39lb 14oz

Over the next few weeks I will be putting a few blogs together about a number of controversial issues around carp welfare and carp rigs.

My first ramblings will be around the controversial use of Barbless hooks.

Throughout my carp fishing career I have come across a number of waters where the barbless hook rule was strictly enforced. For some reason I never felt confident in using barbless hooks, but once again this year I have been forced to use them due to fishery rules.

2013 has seen me testing a number of different waters for Angling Lines where the rule once again was in force over barbless hooks, which includes all the Bachalier water such as Brie and both Brocard lakes——–to read more clink on this link on the Angling Lines new blog web site

Paul Cooper



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