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If it inna brock dunna fix it(Patshull Park Squid and Orange)

You might think that I need to get back to school and learn to spell, but my excuse is that I am from Stoke and this bit of pottery slang says it all. Patshull Park Squid and Orange is the perfect carp bait for all year round carping.

24lb 8oz January carp

24lb 8oz January carp

Now this Winter has been a difficult time on most waters. The water that I have concentrated my efforts on over the 2017/2018 winter is the same one that I have fished the last 2 previous Winters when I had some really good results. I have tried everything that I could think of to get a bite but my rods remained motionless. It is near to the end of January and I had the opportunity to get a few daylight hours fishing. I put out a snowman rig made up of a Squid and Orange bottom bait and yellow pop up on one rod, a single yellow pop up on the second rod and a single 14 mil Patshull Park Squid and Orange bottom bait  on the 3rd rod. Each rod had around 10 S&O freebies scattered tight to the hook rig. 3 hours into a 6 hour session and the single bottom bait was away, producing a pristine conditioned  24lb 8oz Common.

The  Patshull Park base mix has got to be one of the best baits on the market. It catches thousands of carp every year and Simon  has had it in production for over 20 year. The only thing that the angler needs to select is the right size boile.

Paul Cooper