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French carp fishing from the start(part 2)

Mangrove 28th April 2005 (22)

2005 Mangrove carp, Paw Print.

Angling Lines have asked me to put together an itinerary of the tackle that I use for my carp fishing in France, and to talk about tackle in general for the angler just setting off for his or her first French carp fishing adventure.

In the first blog I covered the most essential parts of a carp angler’s itinerary, Rods, reels and line. Following on from that, I will cover the next section which will cover alarms, bite indicators, and how I fish both slack and tight lines and why. Click here to read the full blog ………….

Paul Cooper’s 2013 Fishing Diary


Paul Cooper

6 degrees and HG47 does the trick

27lb 7oz March2013 (1)

27lb 7oz mirror.

I have been introducing HG47 in a small area of the lake for around 2 weeks. Today was my first visit since the bait started going in. I fished just the one rod which was placed in the middle of my selected spot.

18lb 10oz March2013 (1)

18lb 10oz Common/3rd fish of the short session

Around twenty 12mil HG47 shelf life boilies loose feed, and a single 12mil bottom bait on the blow back rig did the trick. My first fish was a 14lb 8oz common. Out went the bait and I was soon into a 27lb 7oz mirror shortly followed by a 18lb 10oz common.

3 Carp on one rod in a 3 hour session in a cold south easterly wind in the middle of March, all thanks to HG47 and a bit of light pre-baiting. What a result.

Paul Cooper’s 2013 Fishing Diary.

Paul Cooper

French carping from the start(part 1)

I have been asked by the management at Angling Lines to put together a few blogs which contain sufficient information to assist new and existing customers, in their search for carp in France.

In these blogs I will suggest what I would list as the most appropriate tackle for the job in hand.

Angling Lines provide various sized lakes to their customers from 2 acres to over 25 acres in size.

Some lakes provide accommodation and others are bivvy only, so things have to be taken into account such as:

  • Do I need home comforts, lakeside accommodation etc
  • Will I be fishing during the hours of darkness, Bivvy or brolly
  • If I am not fishing nights do I need a sleeping bag and bed chair will just a chair suffice.
  • If I am using a bait boat, are their sufficient electrical points for recharging etc.
  • Is there a food package available?
  • What cooking facilities are available?
  • Toilet and shower arrangements.
  • Vehicular access to swims for unloading tackle etc.
  • What tackle do I need

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Paul Cooper

Paul Coopers 2013 Fishing Diary


Spring is nearly with us

40lb 7oz

Paul Cooper’s 2013 Fishing Diary

I have been out for a couple of short day sessions over the past couple of weeks but I have failed to bank any carp since the last mild spell in January. I have been keeping an eye on the weather forecast which indicates that we are due for some warmer south easterly’s on Tuesday. This should last for a few days so I am planning on 3 or 4 days on the bank at one of my local lakes. With the nights shortening meaning more daylight hours, the carp are wakening up and should go on the feed. I have just received my 1st Spring order from Simon in the form of 16mil HG47 boilies.

We introduced HG47 at the beginning of 2012 and I had instant success on the new bait, accounting for lots of carp from local and French lakes and also some massive barbel from our English rivers.

My fishing Diary for 2013 is starting to fill with Angling Lines with a few lakes on the cards for field testing. My 1st visit is due in 4 weeks to a new venue in Normandy. There is little information on this new lake as it has not been open to the public before. All facilities should be up and running  for our arrival with the exception of a gite which has yet to be completed. Our objective will be to assess the stocks and report back on the venue in general.

A window of opportunity will be with us in a few days and I aim to taker full advantage.

Paul Cooper