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Winter carp and short hook-links

Paul Cooper’s 2013 Fishing Diary

Winter carping can be hard at the best of times, so it is essential to take advantage of any mild spells that mother nature throws our way. It is important to ensure that you make the best of this window of opportunity which means that everything needs to be right just in case you do manage to attract a feeding fish into your swim. In Winter I personally believe that short hook links are a must. I have made a video explaining my winter rig which includes the capture of my first fish of 2013.

To view this video click here

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Tight Lines

Paul Cooper

First Carp of 2013 on my new Winter bait

My fishing has been limited over the past 6 weeks following a knee operation, so it was nice to get out in this mild Winter spell for a few hours fishing on my local syndicate lake.

Its the beginning of January and the daytime  temperatures have been averaging around 9 to 11C for the last week. Perfect for wetting a line!

The last 2 days I have dropped onto a swim on my local lake, introducing around half a kilo of  boilies as I have packed up. This morning I arrived at the lake around 10.30am and cast out single 14mil bottom baits to my pre-baited area. I didn’t have to wait long as around midday one of my rods gave a couple of gentle bleeps and I was soon into my first fish of the 2013, a 28lb 4oz Linear carp.

The set up that I have been using is a short 5″ hook link, short hair rigged Knotless Knot rig with one of my new 14mil Quality Baits winter bottom baits.

It’s nice to be back on the bank.

Paul Cooper