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HG42 hits the mark at Etang Le Monument

Paul Cooper’s 2012 Fishing Diary

I’ve not long returned from a trip to the Angling Lines venue of Le Monument which is situated about an hour from the port of Saint Malo. The lake is around 5 acres in size with depths from around 2 foot down to 10 foot. The lake is not over stocked allowing plenty of room for the fish to grow on.

This was my second trip to the lake this year with the last trip being in March. The weather then was cold and wet with the fishing being hard. It was the last week of September when I made the second visit which turned out to be one of the coldest and wettest weeks of the summer. Despite the inclement weather conditions Paul Brooks and I still managed 22 good sized carp to 35lb 9oz.

We had decided to use boilies only for this trip, with the main bait being HG42 and HG47. I was baiting hard with around a kilo of bait being introduced after every occurrence on the rod. Paul went lighter.

The results showed which approach was the more successful. I managed to wheedle out 15 carp and Paul 7. All the fish fell to bottom baits fished on the blowback rig with average weight being in the upper twenties.

The HG42 is without doubt the best all round bait that I have ever used, being a winner on every water that I have fished.

At the end of October I am off to test a new lake for Angling Lines which is basically totally unknown water as for fish stocks etc. I have the location and I am aware of its size and features but it is basically an exploratory trip. Jim Kelly will be my fishing companion for this week and our main bait will be HG42. We are planning on taking boilies only so we will have a fresh supply of shelf life’s to take on the journey. There will be an update of this trip upon our return in November.

Carp Fishing in France with over 30 lakes

HG42 Does it again!

I can’t believe my luck after catching a 39lb + fish last week, I managed a UK PB with this well proportioned 43 lb mirror caught on HG42. The fish was caught at 130yds using a reverse combi-rig, that is the stiff portion next to the hook and the flexible bit attached to the swivel. Thank you HG42. I also had a 28lb 10oz mirror, I don’t think I actual was awake when I caught it as I look half asleep.