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Tactics to catch over 100 carp in one French session

By Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper Field testing tips continued

Alder Lake

Alder Lake

As with any lake, it is important to do your research as best you can prior to your arrival at the venue. With the venue that I am going to talk about, I was fortunate enough to have previously fished it in mid-November 2 years ago.  I was aware of the stocking levels and potential of a big hit along with the depths and potential feeding areas to catch the carp.  My destination was Alder Lake………..

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By Paul Cooper

Hauling at Alder

Jim Kelly’s Field Testing Tips

When fishing in France I have found it very important to select one area to bait and fish all the rods on this area. The opposite is to bait several areas, what this does is spread the fish out and catches tend to be much less. This message was really hammered home when Paul Cooper and I went to Alder. We both used the tactic of a tight baited area and caught over 160 fish between us. If we had fished nights, not reeled in for meals and I had taken more bait who knows how many we would have caught. All my fish were caught on the amazing HG42, Paul’s were caught on HG42, HG47 and squid and orange. Read the full article at angling lines

39lb 9oz from Alder

The same tactics also work in England

30lb 14 oz English caught mirror on a baited area with all rods fish tight on it.

August update

This fish was caught on a newly tested baitThis fish was caught on a newly tested bait

Since my return from France in late July I have visited a couple of my syndicate lakes with a new bait that we have under development. I think a bit more tweaking is required with the bait but it still produced a few fish. Above is a 26lb 10oz common that was one of a 3 fish capture on an overnighter at a local reservoir.

A few days later I dropped onto my syndicate lake which was heavily weeded and I landed 3 carp, all of which were down in weight due to the heavy spawning that has taken place on the lake.

Due to the weed my method of fishing was to fish with the rod tips raised high so that there was as little line contact with the water as possible to avoid picking up excessive weed. This worked well although I did miss 2 fish due to the weed. Again all these fish fell to the new bait.

Further Update..

Over the past 10 days I have been giving the new bait a further testing which has resulted in 11 more carp gracing my net. The bait still needs a bit of tweaking but we are neally there.

Paul Cooper

The Line Aligner Rig

By Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper’s tips

The Line Aligner rig was first used in the early days of carp fishing and was introduced by Jim Gibbinson. This rig has accounted for the capture of thousands of carp and when fished in the right situation is exceptional.

I personally have captured hundreds of carp on this rig and to this date it still remains one of my all time favourite rigs. It is easy to tie and takes minutes to complete a rig. The rig can be used with snowman rigs, pop ups and bottom baits all with good effect.

I have put a video together showing how easy and straight forward this rig is to tie.

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