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Massive Haul at Alder Lake on Quality Baits Boilies By Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper’s 2012 Fishing Diary

Jim Kelly and I have just returned from One of Angling Lines top runs waters and managed to land 161 carp between us. This video shows some of my 101 carp and some of Jims 60 carp captures during a very hot week in July. The temperatures were in the low thirties with very high pressure and the fish fed all day, every day. We got through 70 kilo of boiles between us which was made up of HG42, HG47 and Squid and Orange boilies in 18 and 16mils. Brilliant bait on a brilliant water.

One of my 101 carp Haul at Alder Lake

One of my 101 carp Haul at Alder Lake

Alder Lake video

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Specimen Barbel off the River Dove with Paul Cooper

16;lb 10oz barbel caught on video

I was making a tuturial video on barbel fishing when I caught this magnificent specimen along with a river carp, both on HG47 bottom baits. The video goes through how I adapt my feeders to suit river conditions for the quick or slow release of its contents and also has footage of the 16lb 10oz specimen.

Click on the link below to see the video.

Barbel Fishing with Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper

Instant attraction of HG47

26lb 7oz on HG47

26lb 7oz on HG47

I arrived at one of local syndicate lakes around 11am for a short afternoon session. I had with me around 2 kilo of 16mil of the Quality Baits HG47 boilies. I spent the first 1/2 hour just observing the lake which proved useful as I found a group of fish feeding in the shallows in the arm of the lake where a stream feeds the lake. All 3 rods were baited with HG47 bottom baits and by 5.30pm the bait had accounted for 4 carp, 3 commons of 20lb 4oz, 19lb 6oz and 17lb along with a mirror of 26lb 7oz.

Not bad for my 1st visit to the lake and the 1st time the water has seen HG47

Paul Cooper

Specimen Barbel Fishing with Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper’s 2012 Fishing Diary continued:-

16lb 10oz barbel caught on a 16mil HG47 boilie

16lb 10oz barbel caught on a 16mil HG47 boilie

It was the last week in June and I managed a short session on the River Dove with my fishing companion Jeff Dace. This was my first trip out on the Rivers since February.

10lb barbel on HG47

10lb barbel on HG47

The section of river that we chose to fish is sparsely populated with some huge barbel, well into the double figures. With the amount of rain that we have had in June the river was carrying extra water which normally brings the barbel on the feed. The normal feeding times of the Dove barbel happen just as the light fades into darkness and lasts for at least a few hours. To my surprise my first thrap on the rods came from a 10lb barbel at around 5pm. This fish came on a 16mil HG47 fresh bait. We kept on fishing until 11pm without another fish to our names.

Our next trip out was on the 2nd July, again on the River Dove. The water had been in flood the previous couple of days and the level was slowley dropping. Again on the magic hour of 5 o’clock, a fish took off on one of my rods baited with HG47 and after a long fight I drew a 17lb Ghost carp into my net. This was my first carp off this stretch of the river and is one of only a handful in the whole section.

17lb Ghost carp caught off the river Dove

Out went the rods again both baited with HG47. About an hour later a was into one almighty scrap with a huge barbel. After a long fight the fish was in the net, what a fish which weighed in at an impressive 16lb 10oz. No more fish for the evening but I had beaten my PB barbel by over 3lb, I was delighted.

During this session I put a short video together which I will publish at a later date showing live coverage of the 16lb barbel

Paul Cooper

Testing Quality Baits HG Shelf Life boilies

Paul Cooper’s 2012 fishing diary continued:-

Another biggy on HG42

Another biggy on HG47

This year has been an exceptional year for my carp fishing. Since joining Quality Baits as a field tester I have had success after success on the new HG range of bait.

Due to lack of freezer facilities on a couple of my planned French trips, Simon put together my HG range of boilies in shelf life. I had tried out the baits on some of my local waters with immediate results so I was brimming with confidence for my next few trips abroad.

At the end of March I visited the new Angling Lines venue, Le Monument and had a new lake record while carp fishing in France. A few weeks later I was on another A/L venue with Jim Kelly, known as Blue Lake. Jim had 40 fish and myself 29 fish, all on either HG42 or the HG47.

Late April I turned up at on one of my syndicate lakes for a quick session having seen carp feeding in a shallow corner of the lake the day before. Out went a single 18ml HG47 boilie on my ever faithful blow back rig and 10 minutes later I was into a large common. It is a fish that I have caught before and it still showed an impressive weight of 40lb 7oz.

single HG42 boilie cast to feeding fish

single HG42 boilie cast to feeding fish

2 days after this capture I was back at the lake and once again came across a small shoal of feeding fish. Out went a single bottom bait and an hour later I had this lovely common at 23lb 5oz.

In May a trip to Margot saw an additional 33 carp on the bank,  again on HG42. The carp here loved it and I got through 25 kilo of HG42 and 8 kilo of HG47.

Back to my local lakes and I am doing short sessions of a few hours and the bait just keeps on producing.

I have another trip planned at the end of July and I have already placed my HG bait order in with Simon for hopefully another successful week on a new Angling Lines water.