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HG success on Blue Lake for Jim Kelly and Paul Cooper

32lb 7oz mirror caught on HG42

I have recently returned from my trip to Blue Lake with my fishing colleague Jim Kelly. We both had a very successful trip landing 69 fish between us, Jim’s being the larger amount of 40 fish.

Jim with a nice Common caught on HG42

Jim with a nice Common caught on HG42

There were 4 other anglers on the lake during a stay at the venue, all were on a well known bait from another well known bait company, but their captures did not amount to more than 25 fish for the 4 of them. On the last day, Friday, I gave 2 of the lads Tony and Paul, some of our HG42 and HG47 to try out for the night as they had not had a run for 2 days. That night they landed 15 carp, and lost at least another 5. They were ecstatic and I am sure will be changing bait and companies in the near future.

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Carp Fishing in France with over 35 lakes

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Paul Cooper

How to vacuum pack food and boilies by Paul Cooper

I have put together a video on how to preserve food and boilies for either a long session in England or for a French trip. With the price of meat being almost double in France than compared to English prices it is always worth taking a few days supply with you.

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Boiles being vacuum packed

Boiles being vacuum packed

45 carp caught on HG42 and HG47 from Blue Lake

Holiday date: Sat 17th Mar to Sat 24th Mar 2012
Name of customer: Ian Shaw

Now for bait, i would like to thank paul cooper for bringing to my attention the quality baits hg range on his “planning a trip to blue lake” video diary. Fantastic bait which i will be using in the future! I took with me 10kg of hg42 (5 each of 15mm and 20mm) and the same in hg47. Simon of quality bait over made my order by 3kg which he gave to me free. Cheers. I also took matching pop ups and a glug.

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Carp fishing in France-part 4 of the Blue Lake diary-Tackle

What tackle do I need?

Do I need a tripod or can I use bank sticks?

  • This is a very important bit of research that you can do, as every lake is different. By reading through previous articles and feedback reports you can usually gather what the banks are like at the lake. It is no good turning up with bank sticks only to find that banks are made up of hardcore, rocky or simply not suitable for using bank sticks.