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Carp Fishing in France – Part 3 of the Blue lake Diary – Make sure you are prepared

Here is part 3 of the video diary which has been published on the Angling Lines Blog, which goes through in detail what documents and legal requirements are needed for travelling on the Continent, when carp fishing in France.

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Carp fishing in France with over 35 venues

Paul Coopers 2012 Diary

A new lake record of 47lb 5oz on HG47

47lb 5oz a new lake record

47lb 5oz a new lake record

I,ve just returned from one of Angling Lines new venues, Monument lake. This is going to be a top venue for carp fishing in France, with 5 acres of water and a good head of big carp it surely is going to throw up some surprises in the future.

I arrived at the lake on Saturday 17th March to fish the official last week of Winter. The beginning of the week was difficult as the temperatures had dropped dramatically to around freezing with heavy rain.  I managed a couple of upper twenty pound carp but after my 3rd move on the lake and into the 5th day, I managed to locate some feeding fish. I set the trap with all my rods being baited up with either Hg42 or HG47 bottom baits on my version of the blowback rig.

one of the 25+ carp

one of the 25+ carp

Within the next hour I had a run on one of my island rods and has that reached the net off shot a second island rod. Having dealt with the first carp a mirror of 25lb 7oz I was onto the second rod. The fish had run into a snag just of the island so off I trundled to release the carp from the snag, leaving Paul Brooks to look after the rod end. With a bit of persuasion the carp swam off up the lake. I returned to the rod and after a long hard fight landed what is at present the Lake record of 47lb 5oz. The 47 came out on the new HG47, what a coincidence!

I went onto to capture a few more fish with my total captures being 12 carp averaging in the upper twenties.

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Carp fishing in France with over 35 venues

Paul Cooper

Late February carp and barbel for Paul Cooper

26lb mirror

26lb mirror

Just before dark on 28th February I dropped down to my local syndicate lake to check on the water. I was standing talking to one of the other members, Phil Russel when we I noticed a vortex just under the surface of the water in the near corner of the lake. The water could only have been 18 inch deep over thick silt but there was no sighting of a fish. We stood watching the water when out came a mid twenty mirror, shortly followed by a simular sized common. Darkness was creeping in and we both left the lake.

I returned the following morning shortly after 9am and put a couple of rods with the new HG47 out in the bay where we had seen the fish. I only had to wait for a couple of hours and I was into a mirror which graced the bank at 26lb. A few quick pics and I packed up. I had arranged for an afternoons barbel fishing with Jeff Dace.

A quick change of rods and tackle and I was ready to go.

I picked Jeff up around 2pm and we set off for the River Dove at Tutbury. By 4 pm we were settled into our swims. Now Simon had asked me to try out a new  barrel shaped boilie that he was putting into production, which is Halibut pellet based. I had a range of these boilies with me but decided to to try the 16mil. Within an hour I landed my 1st barbel of the season, a strong fighting 11lb specimen. I missed a couple of other chances but that was the only barbel of the day.

Looks like another winning bait.

Paul Cooper’s 2012 Fishing diary

Paul Cooper

How Much Bait Will I Need For My French Carp Session?

Are you preparing for a carp fishing trip to France in 2012?

Via a series of Blog posts & a video diary Paul Cooper will take you through his preparation routine.

Blue Lake(Part 2)


It is now the beginning of February and I’m already thinking about what bait I will be using for the Blue Lake trip and what quantities I will require.  This to me is the most important aspect to a successful fishing trip………….

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Carp fishing in France with 35 lakes

Angling lines tel: 01773 590077

Preparing for a 2012 Carp Session on Blue Lake (Pt 1)

Via a series of Blog posts & a video diary Paul Cooper will take you through his preparation routine.

I have been travelling over to France with Angling Lines for over 10 years now and every trip is different. This year I will be fishing a number of Angling Lines waters, one being Blue Lake in April this year. My fishing companion for this visit will be Jim Kelly and there are a number of pre-holiday procedures that I shall be going through before travelling…………………….

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There are over 35 lakes on the Angling Lines web site so have a look around at Carp Fishing in France

Angling Lines – 01773 590077