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Success on new HG47 By Paul Cooper

Simon has asked me to try out a new boilie that he has put together, this being based on the HG42 base mix. This new boilie has a savoury fragrance to it and is to be called HG47. The bait that I was trying was the shelf life version.

It is early days but the first signs look good. I have tried the HG47 on the carp in my garden pond and they have gauged themselves on it despite the cold weather. The HG47 boilie has a dark red colouring and is well textured giving the appearance of a frozen boilie rather than shelf life.

I went down to my local lake where the last fish caught was in late November last year. Despite a number of anglers trying their luck the carp remained inconspicuous with not a single fish caught.

With a slight rise in temperature I decided to try a 24 hour session fishing 2 rods on the new HG47 and one on the HG42.

It was not until 1.30am that I had a single bleep on my indicators then a screaming run eventually landing the first fish for the lake in 2012, a 23lb 12oz leather.

The fish was caught on a 16mil HG47 bottom bait on the blowback rig.

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Making a PVA parcel – effective carp bait delivery by Paul Cooper

39lb 4oz mirror caught on PVA parcel

I have put together a video showing how to make a compact pva bag so that you can cast it accurately and smoothly at a reasonable distance. The bag will hold together until it hits the bottom of the lake were it will disolve leaving your bait in position sitting on a small pocket of free offerings.

Click here to see the video

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The Blow back rig by Paul Cooper

51lb-11oz carp caught on the Blow-Back rig

I started to use the blow-back rig last summer and have had huge success either with or without the hair. These short videos were made last October while I was on a short fishing trip to my local syndicate lake.

I starting using the rig in conjunction with Quality Baits HG42 I have caught in access of 70+ carp to over 51lb. If fished correctly and in the right circumstances the rig rarely missis the oportunity to make a bite develope into a run, with very few fish lost through drop off’s.

Watch these short video’s where I have explained in detail how to construct both rigs.

Blow-Back rig(with Hair)

Blow-Back rig (without hair)

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