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There is more to life than carp



No, really, there is. Sometimes people forget that they fish a mixed coarse fishery and the fish all eat at the same dinner table so to speak. I never get upset if I catch bream while fishing for carp because by bring bream to the feed you can tempt carp to the table to dine.

Never be frightened to build a swim up with pellets and particles like sweet corn, but remember to alter the feeding when the carp move in. A little tip is to introduce bigger baits when the carp start feeding, like 20mm boilies and tiger nuts, which will reduce the chances of catching none target fish. A couple of waters that I have been targeting recently have produced some great results using this approach.

FullSizeRenderI would usually start by lining the lake bed with a ground bait made up with boilie crumb and bread flake, which brings smaller fish into the swim. This is basic coarse fishing tactic really, but over the years has been neglected. Remember to never be afraid to get the smaller fish feeding first to bring in other, larger targeted fish. You may be surprised from time to time when you find yourself holding a very large roach or even a specimen bream.

Whenever possible try to get everything to be flavoured as closely as the main bait source. I always use the matching pellets and ground baits like the CM60 so to make the carp identify the food source easier. Gradually, over time, stop the pellet and particle in the swim and over the rest of the session place baits that smaller fish struggle to feed on. This tactic has brought me loads of fish over the season and to the point where multiple catches are common on tricky lakes, where people are just fishing for one bite and possibly one fish.image2 image1

On the flip side, carp just might not move in but you’ve had the chance of some good fun while catching tench, bream or anything else that happens to enjoy the meal deal of the day. Each to their own really,
but always enjoy your fishing and try new things.

New baits on a new Angling Lines water/Nautica.

Just before the storm

Just before the storm

Paul Cooper’s 2013 Fishing Diary

Jim Kelly and I have just returned from yet another expedition to a potential Angling Lines venue. I first visited Nautica with Ron Key in May this year following some of the heaviest rain in years for the region. Poor fishing results due to a mass spawn required a return visit to the 17 acre wild and natural lake set in rural central France.

30b 14oz on Hg All Seasons

30b 14oz on Hg All Seasons

It’s late July and it was our job to test the lake once more. On arrival I could see that the water level had reduced significantly making the lake more accessible. One of our other objectives was to test 2 new Quality Baits additions to the boilie range, Just Krill and HG All Seasons.

The owner of the lake Guillaume Rousselet, who is himself a well know big carp angler on the French carp scene, quickly told us that we needed maize, trout pellet, tiger nuts and plastic corn to catch any carp from the lake as boilies did not work well on this lake unless fished snowman style with plastic maize or pop up. The challenge was on to catch carp on single bottom baits.

HG Just Krill

HG Just Krill

pic13 Quality Baits HG All Seasons

Hg All Seasons

We fished a number of different swims on both fishing banks of the lake catching carp from all areas. My tally for the week was 23 carp which included 3 thirties and Jim had 6 carp which included one thirty. All the other fish averaged above the mid twenty pound mark and were showing heavy signs of post spawning, all being well down in weight.

31lb 15oz The last fish of the session

31lb 15oz The last fish of the session

We used around 50 kilo of boilies to attract and hold the carp in our swims with no other bait being introduced.

The Just Krill is a fish meal based boilie and will be a Spring to Autumn bait where as we have designed the HG All seasons to fish all year round with no fish meals in the bait. As of yet we have not used the bait on a French lake with poison chat, so again this may be a good bait to deter the little blighters. Only further testing will prove us right or wrong.

Carp Fishing In France

Paul Cooper

HG47 is a number one Barbel Bait




I picked up some of my favorite Barbel bait on Saturday, HG47 in 16 mil. I thought I would give it a try on my local lake on the Saturday afternoon and within 1/2 an hour I was rewarded with a 22lb 8oz mirror. No pics I returned the fish back to the lake.



Jim’s 10lb 12oz Barbel


My next trip out was scheduled for Tuesday with Jim, with only 3 days into the new fishing season this called for a trip to the River Dove. Jim had a few samples of HG47 off me and at 3.30 pm in the afternoon he was rewarded with his PB barbel, and 1st ever double, a 10lb 12oz specimen.

12lb 8oz barbel caught on 16mil HG47

12lb 8oz barbel caught on 16mil HG47


I had to wait until late evening for my 1st bite of the season, again on the HG47, and landed a 12lb 8oz barbel followed by a 3lb chub. That was the last action of the day but yet again the HG range hit the mark.

Paul Cooper


 Paul Cooper’s 2013 Fishing Diary


6 degrees and HG47 does the trick

27lb 7oz March2013 (1)

27lb 7oz mirror.

I have been introducing HG47 in a small area of the lake for around 2 weeks. Today was my first visit since the bait started going in. I fished just the one rod which was placed in the middle of my selected spot.

18lb 10oz March2013 (1)

18lb 10oz Common/3rd fish of the short session

Around twenty 12mil HG47 shelf life boilies loose feed, and a single 12mil bottom bait on the blow back rig did the trick. My first fish was a 14lb 8oz common. Out went the bait and I was soon into a 27lb 7oz mirror shortly followed by a 18lb 10oz common.

3 Carp on one rod in a 3 hour session in a cold south easterly wind in the middle of March, all thanks to HG47 and a bit of light pre-baiting. What a result.

Paul Cooper’s 2013 Fishing Diary.

Paul Cooper

French carping from the start(part 1)

I have been asked by the management at Angling Lines to put together a few blogs which contain sufficient information to assist new and existing customers, in their search for carp in France.

In these blogs I will suggest what I would list as the most appropriate tackle for the job in hand.

Angling Lines provide various sized lakes to their customers from 2 acres to over 25 acres in size.

Some lakes provide accommodation and others are bivvy only, so things have to be taken into account such as:

  • Do I need home comforts, lakeside accommodation etc
  • Will I be fishing during the hours of darkness, Bivvy or brolly
  • If I am not fishing nights do I need a sleeping bag and bed chair will just a chair suffice.
  • If I am using a bait boat, are their sufficient electrical points for recharging etc.
  • Is there a food package available?
  • What cooking facilities are available?
  • Toilet and shower arrangements.
  • Vehicular access to swims for unloading tackle etc.
  • What tackle do I need

Click here to

Paul Cooper

Paul Coopers 2013 Fishing Diary


Winter carp and short hook-links

Paul Cooper’s 2013 Fishing Diary

Winter carping can be hard at the best of times, so it is essential to take advantage of any mild spells that mother nature throws our way. It is important to ensure that you make the best of this window of opportunity which means that everything needs to be right just in case you do manage to attract a feeding fish into your swim. In Winter I personally believe that short hook links are a must. I have made a video explaining my winter rig which includes the capture of my first fish of 2013.

To view this video click here

See the Angling Lines site for more technical videos

Tight Lines

Paul Cooper

First Carp of 2013 on my new Winter bait

My fishing has been limited over the past 6 weeks following a knee operation, so it was nice to get out in this mild Winter spell for a few hours fishing on my local syndicate lake.

Its the beginning of January and the daytime  temperatures have been averaging around 9 to 11C for the last week. Perfect for wetting a line!

The last 2 days I have dropped onto a swim on my local lake, introducing around half a kilo of  boilies as I have packed up. This morning I arrived at the lake around 10.30am and cast out single 14mil bottom baits to my pre-baited area. I didn’t have to wait long as around midday one of my rods gave a couple of gentle bleeps and I was soon into my first fish of the 2013, a 28lb 4oz Linear carp.

The set up that I have been using is a short 5″ hook link, short hair rigged Knotless Knot rig with one of my new 14mil Quality Baits winter bottom baits.

It’s nice to be back on the bank.

Paul Cooper

Not Everything Turns Out Rosy

The huge inaccessible part of a magnificent lake

Not Everything Turns Out Rosy

By Paul Cooper

Being an Angling Lines field tester has its ups and its downs. New lakes are coming on to the French angling scene all the time, with new owners purchasing lakes or lake owners needing the helping hand of companies such as Angling Lines.

After the initial enquiries or negotiations a lake owner will have with AL, it is important to get the lake tested. This is where I come in.

Angling Lines try to ensure that the fishing experience that its customers get, will keep them coming back year after year, either returning to the lake that they have already fished or trying out different venues with varying challenges. To ensure that their experience is at its best, Guinea pigs like myself need to visit and try out the venues to give an honest feedback report on fishing stocks, that includes estimated weights and the numbers of carp present, along with a report on the facilities…………to read more click here

Carp Fishing in France with over 30 lakes

HG42 does it again


Arrived at Grenville on Saturday, seven anglers were already fishing, nothing had been caught. I set up in peg 6 and did the night, nothing caught by anyone. There were some carp topping in the middle, about 250 yards from the nearest bank. On Sunday the angler in 17 went home. I immediately moved into this swim as it was the closest to the fish hoping that they would drift within casting range. I had another blank night. I started to back up about 1:30 pm. Everything was backed away, but the net and the rods. Just as I was about to reel in the middle rod zoomed off and I was into a large fish. After a excellent fight (look at the size of the tail) I slipped the net under the fish, magic. HG42 does it again.

35 pound mirror on HG42

35 pound mirror on HG42