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How to accurately create a bed of bait.

Baiting strategies can either make or ruin a carp angling session. How do I go about creating the perfect carp restaurant. First of all lets talk about how a baited area can be created. There are a few tried and trusted methods to create a baited area. The first that I shall talk about is the main one that most anglers travelling to France will use:-

pic2The baitboat ————– Even if I was using a bait boat the first thing that I would do as I approached a swim would be to get out the marker rod to measure depths, find features and ascertain the makeup of the lake bed. Once that a I have established an area to bait up, I mark the main line and then raise the marker to the water surface, Making a mental note of a point on the horizon, in line with the marker  for future baiting up. I would send out the bait boat with my rig, a few offerings of chopped and whole boilies and perhaps particle baits, such as hemp or party blend. As soon as the boat is by the side of  the marker, the main line is tightened, then the main line marked with electrical tape by the butt ring of the rod. Drop the bait and rig and I am now ready to bring back the boat and send out a rig from your next rod. Once all the rigs are in place, I would retrieve the marker rod and that should be the last time that it is required. As the runs develop, I introduce more bait, taking care not too overfeed the swim as this could be the kiss of death.

In the back ground is one of the many boats at Castle Lake

In the back ground is one of the many boats at Castle Lake

Rowing boat ————– On some of the bigger Angling Lines waters such as Castle Lake, Boux, Brie and Margot, a rowing boat is provided for angling use. This can be a great asset if used properly. A lot of anglers use permanent markers such as the H blocks, but I personally dislike them as they can get caught on your main line if a fish runs past the marker. You can purchase or make cane markers that are attached to a heavy weight, which are very good, but again they can get mover by a fighting fish. My preferred method is boating out to a marker rod where the line has been marked up accurately and cast to a point on the horizon with the marker released to the surface. Once I have rowed out and put in my spread of bait around the marker, I draw in my marker rod and mark up my fishing rods ready to recast to the baited area.

August2012 030Spombing and Throwing stick —————- Once I have found an area of the lake that I am happy with, I will mark up the marker rod main line and then walk out the fishing and spomb rods and mark them up to match up with the marker rod. Take a mental image of a feature on the horizon from a fixed point on bank that is in line with the raised marker float. Draw in the marker rod and I am ready to fish. Accurate spombing will create my food table and as long as my rods are cast somewhere in or near to that table I generally catch fish. Using a throwing stick is down to the ability of the angler using it. I can throw out a  18 mil boilie 100 yards, but if there is a cross wind or a strong head wind, accuracy and distance can be drastically reduced. It is for this reason that I do like to create my baited area no more than 70 yards as I feel comfortable with this distance for both accuracy and reach-ability. This method generally gives a wide spread of bait but still works well. Carp are messy eaters and will spread bait over a far bigger area than you think that you have actually created, so don’t worry if you have cast wide away from the baited area. The outer rods are normally the ones that produce the most fish. As long as you keep the bait table topped up the runs just keep coming.

Carp Fishing in France with over 35 lakes. Angling Lines.

Paul Cooper



French carping from the start(part 1)

I have been asked by the management at Angling Lines to put together a few blogs which contain sufficient information to assist new and existing customers, in their search for carp in France.

In these blogs I will suggest what I would list as the most appropriate tackle for the job in hand.

Angling Lines provide various sized lakes to their customers from 2 acres to over 25 acres in size.

Some lakes provide accommodation and others are bivvy only, so things have to be taken into account such as:

  • Do I need home comforts, lakeside accommodation etc
  • Will I be fishing during the hours of darkness, Bivvy or brolly
  • If I am not fishing nights do I need a sleeping bag and bed chair will just a chair suffice.
  • If I am using a bait boat, are their sufficient electrical points for recharging etc.
  • Is there a food package available?
  • What cooking facilities are available?
  • Toilet and shower arrangements.
  • Vehicular access to swims for unloading tackle etc.
  • What tackle do I need

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Paul Cooper

Paul Coopers 2013 Fishing Diary


Tactics to catch over 100 carp in one French session

By Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper Field testing tips continued

Alder Lake

Alder Lake

As with any lake, it is important to do your research as best you can prior to your arrival at the venue. With the venue that I am going to talk about, I was fortunate enough to have previously fished it in mid-November 2 years ago.  I was aware of the stocking levels and potential of a big hit along with the depths and potential feeding areas to catch the carp.  My destination was Alder Lake………..

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By Paul Cooper